E.C.A. SEREL Modern Simplicity

E.C.A. Serel has brought together its Rita and Sapphire series, which it designed in a minimalist line, with consumers. Reflecting the aesthetical form of rectangular forms and round edges, the series create a different atmosphere in bathrooms with integrated wall hung toilet bowls, shower trays, over the counter or over the counter built-in sinks.


SEREL unites its customers with practical alternatives with built-in and over the counter options found in both series.


Rectangular formed sink designs in Rita series and oblong formed sink designs in Sapphire series provide users with facility for cleaning. Rita and Sapphire sinks step forward in bathroom decoration by also harmonising in use with counter and furniture with their dimensions of 60x40 cm. Shower trays in Rita and Sapphire series on the other hand draw attention with their functionality and designs in bathrooms.


While Rita Series wins the favour of users with drying area and zero floor shower tray options, Sapphire Shower Tray and Sapphire Series provide user friendliness.


Wall-hung toilet bowls in Rita and Sapphire series fulfil their full cleaning function with only 4 litres of water. Having the functions of SEREL SilentClose, which provides the feature of slow closure, and SEREL EasyRelease, which provides easy disassembly-mounting over toilet seat, new generation SEREL toilet seat covers adapt themselves with Rita and Sapphire wall hung toilet bowls.