E.C.A SEREL Store Comes Into Service In Izmir.

Leading our country and the world with the leading brands of the sector such as E.C.A and Serel, Elmor opened in İzmir its fourth store in Elmor Plus concept throughout Turkey.


Opened is Alsancak Şehitler Street and revealing all innovations of the construction and building material sector, the store will close a significant gap in İzmir. We will address directly to the customer with modern products in the store which has a total 100.000 square meters of usage area. Having come together with members of the press before the opening of ceremony Elmor Plus store held yesterday, Company Manager of Elmor Hakan Gülderen said they had opened the fourth store in İzmir after Ankara, İstanbul and Ankara. In this store, we will have all products manufactured in a wide range with E.C.A. and Serel brands from ceramic sanitaryware, bath and kitchen water armature and technical water and gas armatures. In our Elmor Plus İzmir store, we exhibit E.C.A. and Serel branded bath furniture, water saving armatures, shower heads, toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs, bath counter cabinets and ceramic floor-wall coating material together with the products of our thermal group'.




Company Manager of Elmor Hasan Günderen said they would be waiting for more plot and residence project production in the next period. Expressing that these productions would also pave the way for the sector, Günderen said: 'Population of İzmir is increasing by 100.000 people each year. Annual residence need on the other hand is approximately 30.000 houses due to migration and new marriages. Construction of 300.000 houses within 10 years is in the agenda. Apart from that, they say approximately 400.000 houses will be restored; we always believed it would be a correct investment for us to open a Elmor Plus store in İzmir; however considering these figures, we are now even more sure of having made a very accurate investment'.