Values & Principles of Elginkan Community


As ELGİNKAN FAMILY, with the principle of ETERNAL ORGANIZATION, the Community has been intending for almost half a century to transform the Community Companies into European companies and gain global reputation by providing value to Turkish economy, business life, work ethics and cultural norms.  

Principles to be followed in realization of this purpose of the Community are:


Being together for years;

Provide World quality products. Maintain absolute customer satisfaction and improve our brands. 


Healthy growth;

Identify developing sectors and conduct activities accordingly.Invest in smart technologies to lead successful growth. 



Honest earning, avoiding waste, commitment to the traditions of the Turkish culture, adopting fair working principles and transferring them to the future generations, and acting with the conscious of protecting the environment.



Defend dignity of each individual, encourage and support professional developments. Amicable work environement with mutual respect and responsibility. 




"Do not waste anything. Waste is forbidden.

The values of our community also emerge from this advise/belief/code. This community which has become sacred for me with the devotion and effort of you all , will become a foundation and provide further contributions to our nation."

Hacı Ümmehan Elginkan


"All I wish from God is the progression of all organizations I have established, advancing career opportunities for people, paying tax to the state and being considered as a model for the future generations."

  1. Ekrem Elginkan