Ahmet Elginkan



H. Ümmehan Elginkan


H. Ekrem Elginkan



H. Cahit Elginkan



Founders of Elginkan Community, the decedent Ahmet Elginkan and the deceased Ümmehan Elginkan who are both members of well-known families in Manisa, encourage their children Ekrem and Cahit to sustain the family tradition in business. Elginkan Community proceeds to the future today with the common sense, awareness and values inherited from their elders.

"Dear Esteemed Managers of Our Community,

My children,

I believe that you will have significant contributions to our community; hereby,I would like to share a advise of mine with you;

Do not waste anything.

The values of our community also emerge from this belief This community which has become sacred for me with the devotion and effort of you all , will become a foundation and provide further contributions to our nation.

May you succeed in your endeavors.


Ümmehan Elginkan

04 May 1984