H. Ekrem Elginkan was born in İzmir in 1924. 

He attended İzmir Male High School and afterwards he graduated from İstanbul Technical University as a Mechanical Engineer Msc in 1948.

In 1951, he established his first company. He led many initiatives in Turkish industry through factories he established.

He became a notable and respected role model in the business world with his influential character and many achievements. 

H. Ekrem Elginkan took the first significant steps to institutinalize his companies and he stated that this decision is the result of mutual trust with his colleagues. H.Ekrem Elginkan, aimed to establish a foundation company which could survive on its own and make necessary moves. 

Having enough tolerance, vision and principles to say his colleagues: 'Even I have made a mistake, state it clearly in your report', H. Ekrem Elginkan maintained his business life without any legal inconvenience. 

H. Ekrem Elginkan passed away on April 2, 1999.


"All I wish from God is the progression of all organizations I have established, advancing career opportunities for people, paying tax to the state and being considered as a model for the future generations."

H. Ekrem Elginkan
The Founder of Elginkan Community